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Caution. You've entered the No Procrastination zone. Spend a few hours here to work. Plan your music promotion, learn how to arrange a song, record it, make a video go viral, buy your home recording studio equipment. This is not a site to read, it's a place to do.

The Music Zone - The Power of Focus and Action

Home Studio Guide

Home recording studio equipment. All you need to know about creating a home recording studio. The gear, the process.

Buy Recording Gear Zone

Buy home recording studio equipment and music studio gear and instruments here. We've an extensive catalog with everything you need and want. Search for it, find it, get it.

Music Promotion

Promote your music here. Texts, press releases, build a website, get digital distribtuion, etc... A section to work music promotion, not just read about it. 20 free videos, and the free promotion planner.

Musician Tutorials

Learn how to arrange music, record at home, release a CD, sing, make a viral video and more. Get information, get cracking.

Resources Zone

Things to help you forward your music and career. Design services, musician services, programs and more.

Music Software Zone

Music recording software programs, wave editors, converters, mastering and mixing, multitrack sequencing, virtual instruments. Free, trial software and top products.