How do I do my own Youtube Promotion to Make My Video Go Viral?

YouTube promotion made this kid a kingWhat Do I Do When It's Ready for YouTube promotion?

Get your YouTube account and login to it. Pick a title for your video that has the main words you want people to search for. You will also add keywords to the video page you are creating. Just follow the instructions to upload the video. Next comes the work that will make it popular.

Make sure everybody you know clicks to see the video within the first 24 hours, if possible.

The launch is key in YouTube promotion. Make it an event. Do this through e-mail, by posting your status on Facebook with a link to the video, by tweeting a link on Twitter, and by using any other social networks, such as My Space or Linked In. When you do, make sure you send the right message. What is that?

Make people curious to see the Youtube video.

Do you ever receive chain e-mails about this video that you "absolutely must see?" That's what you want to send. Most often, people will simply forward your e-mail with the link. That's why you want to write an e-mail that will make people say, "oh, what the heck, it's only a couple of minutes. I'll check it out." When they do, you hope that they will like it so much that they will then forward the message to their friends. That is how viral happens.

Examples of YouTube promotion messages:
  • I couldn't believe this was on YouTube
  • You've gotta see this
  • What was I thinking when I made this video

Got the idea? One more point:

Make sure your friends post good comments on your YouTube page.

Comments and likes help YouTube know which videos are to be rated higher. The more popularity, the higher it will come in search results and the more views you will get. Also, have your friends on Facebook and other sites post a link to your video and add their comments to your status.

In other words, create as much buzz as you can, in a way that will whet people's curiosity. Have fun in the process, and keep in mind that your video may just brighten someone else's day. That, in a nutshell, is the best reason to do it. Forget the fame and fortune, do as the song sets and "make someone happy."

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