Chord Detection Software From Audio MP3 Wav

This is an excellent program for musicians seeking a tool with which to practice. It is a chord-detection-software, but it is much more than just that! Song Surgeon lets you change the tempo without altering the pitch, or change the key without altering the tempo. Not only can you see the chords you are playing, you can slow the song down until you are fluent with it.

When you need to create a song chart for musicians who play based on chords, and you don't have the sheet music, Song Surgeon works with MP3 and other audio files. You load up the song into the program, and it will automatically analyze both the beats per minute and the chords. They will display across the bottom of the waveform. You can zoom in to see each chord, and each chord is highlighted as the music plays.

Song Surgeon comes with music pad, which allows this chord detection software to export the list of chords from the song. Should you want more advanced scoring capability, the program integrates with Musescore. That program is available as a free download, and gives you professional sheet music creation capabilities.

What If I Don't like the Key the Song Is Recorded in?

Song Surgeon has very high quality, but extremely easy to use audio adjustment features. Let's say you are practicing, and the song is simply playing too fast. You can slow it down, yet keep the same key. That was impossible in the previous generation of recording techniques. In this case, the chords, obviously, will remain the same.

If, however, you need to play the song in a different key, Song Surgeon will do it for you. Let's say your singer is an alto, and the soprano recording is just too high. Change the key, and now the song plays perfectly, at exactly the same tempo as before. What about the chords? They get transposed too!

How Good Is This Program?

I downloaded the demo and played around with all of its features. You can do the same thing by clicking here. I tried it on  two different songs, one fairly complicated, and one very straightforward. In both cases, the chord identification was very good and detailed. They beat per minute identification, on the other hand, was less successful in the complicated song.

What I love about this program is its focus. It puts these main four features right in the center:

  1. Chord detection software
  2. Beat per minute detection
  3. Changing the key of the audio
  4. Changing the speed of the audio

Studio technicians will prefer a more high-end audio workstation, but performing and rehearsing musicians can accomplish tremendous amounts with Song Surgeon. You can download a demo and purchase the program here.



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