Be a music video star with a Music Tranposer

Making a killer music video that goes viral on the Internet is the jet engine your music career needs. The problem is, they tend to cost an awful lot. If you have a band, and you have professional recordings, you're already ahead of the game.

But what if you are a singer, without all the resources, and without the ability to hire all those musicians? You know you have a great voice, and you want to break through with covers of famous songs. That is always smart, because famous songs get listened to more than unknown songs, no matter how good they may be.

Karaoke Is My Friend

I know it sounds terrible, but using prerecorded backing tracks for your cover hit can be a great idea. If you have a playback available, which you can legally use (and entirely different topic not dealt with by this article), it is easy to record your solo with it.

At times, however, you may have to compromise. Why? Because the playback is too low, too high, too fast, too slow. Your voice doesn't sound at its best. What can you do?

Song Surgeon to the Rescue

You can use a music transposer program such as Song Surgeon. This program will change the key of your music without altering the speed. It can also change the speed of the song, without altering the key. Either way, this music transposer program allows you to edit your backing track music so that it shows your voice and your interpretation at their very best.

The program itself allows you to record your vocals to be mixed with the backing tracks. In this way, you can test the result and hear whether your voice is at its best in the current key and speed. You can adjust the song without any loss of quality – within reason, of course – as many times as you want. You then export the new file, and can use it for live performance or for recording your future viral video.

Can I Just Try This Program?

Absolutely. The program comes in a demo version with no restrictions, other than allowing you to work for up to four hours. That is enough time to see just how easy and focused this program is. It's made for singers and musicians to change tempos and change keys, as well as hear a metronome and see the chords. It is not a fancy studio program for technicians looking to perform heavy-duty audio editing. While those programs can change tempos and keys, they are extremely difficult to understand.

Song Surgeon has proven itself in my testing, and I urge you to do the same. Click here to download Song Surgeon, and excellence, easy to use and focused music transposer.



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