You almost own a professional recording studio.

Just download recording studio software  and you've got a fantastic set up!

The audio/MIDI sequencer program

The Audio Editor

Okay, all the hype aside, in expensive shareware programs are amazing things. You probably won't find them in a professional recording studio, but they will do everything that you need them to do. Here is a clear guide to a download music software studio.

Before we touch the software, let's make sure you have the necessary hardware. Firstly, is your computer up to snuff? For music recording, a relatively fast processor and large amounts of memory and hard disk space are crucial. The more tracks you plan to record, more computing power you need. Get extra RAM and make sure your hard disk as a lot of space on it, because audio files are large. And processing effects and reverbs makes a lot of demands on your processor.

The second hardware issue relates to getting your music into your computer. You are probably interested in something more high quality. Look for an audio interface that allows you to record MIDI, has phantom power for your condenser microphone, and a microphone preamp. You can get all of these things separately, but I find it almost always better to get one piece of equipment that has all necessary functions.

Get MAGIX Music MakerThird hardware issue is your microphone. Again, Kmart special microphones may be great for voice attachments to e-mails, but you owe it to your music to get a proper studio microphone.

Now it's time to download recording studio software. makes the and Samplitude programs, as well as other downloadable music software. Click here

Let's look at the functions you will need fulfilled:

  1. Recording audio
  2. Recording MIDI
  3. Editing the MIDI
  4. Editing the audio
  5. Applying studio effects to the audio
  6. Converting MIDI to instrument sounds
  7. Mixing down to stereo
  8. Mastering the mix
  9. Burning to CD
  10. Converting to MP3

The principle to follow is keep it simple and effective. One piece of software that does as many functions as possible is preferable to many smaller programs. Through the use of plug-ins, you can access functions that the recording studio software may not have on its own. Therefore, software that supports plug-ins is recommended.

The audio/MIDI sequencer program.

A wonderful and popular program is called N-track Studio. It will be the mainstay of your software based recording studio. Here are some details about it and a link to download the program for a trial.

n-Track Studio is a complete multitrack recording studio in your PC. The program supports:

Audio MIDI Multitrack Workstation: N Track Studio

  • Simultaneous recording from multiple 16 and 24 bit soundcards

  • Real-time non-destructive audio effects
  • Effects include Reverb, AutoVol, Echo, Pitch Shift, Chorus and Track EQ.
  • DirectX and VST plug-ins can process audio signals in real-time
  • 24 bit (32 bit floats) resolution for mixing and effects processing
  • Volume and pan evolution can be automated by drawing on the timeline window


Click to download N-Track Studio Shareware Multitrack Workstation

The standard registration costs $49. The 24 bit registration costs $75.

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The Audio Editor

Another crucial program is called an audio editor. While N-Track offers great audio editing, you may want a program that specializes in it. These programs do more, generally, than audio MIDI sequencers do in their audio editing. They can and more effects, time shifting, pitch shifting, EQ special presets for mastering, and CD burning.

Samplitude Music Studio 14 Download version

These are the basics. Other issues include finding appropriate software instruments. I wasn't able to locate a good shareware software instrument program, so I recommend either using sounds from a quality keyboard synthesizer or purchasing a box CD software instrument program.

Acoustica Software offers a full Bundle of downloadable music recording programs. Click here for more information.

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And that's it! A great  download recording studio for your budget


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