How to Get Your Home Recording Studio

Home recording studio equipment

Create your own home music recording studio: Knowledge and Equipment

Here's how to assemble a home recording studio. Equipment for recording quality audio has never been so affordable. You will save money on studio time, have creative control, play as you wish in your own music studio. What used to be top-dollar professional results is now in the reach of the starving, and simply super-independent, artist.

There are four parts to creating your home recording studio:

Equipment for Backing Tracks

Home recording studio equipment that gives high quality sounds and sample, grooves and loops. Sequencers, virtual instruments. What do you need?

Equipment to Record Audio

Music studio equipment to get high quality recordings of your vocals and acoustic instruments into your destination recorder, whether it be your computer or a designated multitrack.

Mixing Equipment

Once you've got the tracks, mixdown is where the magic happens. The best gear you can get for this, including mixers and signal processors. Find out about it here.

Music Mastering Equipment

Mastering is where you take the final mix and put the "big fat sound" polish on it. There are dedicated hardware and software tools to do this. Learn about mastering solutions here.

People are recording at home, putting it out on YouTube or elsewhere, and becoming STARS. Invest in your studio no less than you invest (time and passion) in your music.

GREAT, on to phase one: Music Studio Equipment to Create Backing Tracks and Instruments