Song Surgeon, an App that Slows Down Music

Singers, dancers, and other performers can rejoice that a program like Song Surgeon exists. It's an app that slows down music, without changing the pitch or creating strange distortion noises. It can also change the key of the song without affecting the tempo. In addition to that, it detects the chords in the song and allows you to export them, and also has a metronome function. That's a lot!

I downloaded the Song Surgeon demo, and ran it through its paces. You can do the same by clicking here. I've seen a lot of cheap software out there, which does what it says at a quality that is useless. I've also seen high-end software that does all of these things brilliantly, except that you have to work hard just to find and use the simple function you need.

It Slows Down Music, Speeds It up, Changes the Key, and Other Features

Song Surgeon combines the quality of high-end software with focused simplicity. If you are a studio technician, and you are looking for a program to master your latest mix, this is not it. If you are a singer looking to adjust your backing tracks, either tempo or key, then Song Surgeon is for you. It puts the transpose, change tempo, and metronome features right on the main interface.

There are two more features that Song Surgeon offers that are worth mentioning. It can minimize the volume of vocals in a song. It doesn't remove them, as some high-end software can do, but it can reduce their prominence by around 30%. If you are practicing with a song, this is a useful feature.

Song Surgeon also offers a 31 band equalizer to further tweak the balance of the music. This is useful, for example, if you wish to boost the bass for practice purposes.

What about the Audio Quality?

I was very impressed with the sound quality when I used this app that slows down music. The pitch remained the same, and at 75% of tempo, there were no audible distortions. When you slow it beyond 50%, then you begin to hear the notes ringing.

When I changed the key of the music, it was even more impressive. I use backing tracks in some performances, and now I am able to take an audio file and get it into the key I need. Unless I'm making a dramatic transposition of six tones or more, the sound quality is almost perfect.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this program. You can download a demo here, and use it for four hours. This will empower performing musicians and singers, dancers and choreographers. This app slows down music, shows you the chords, lets you soften the vocals, but to change the key to what you need, and even at a metronome and a four beat intro.



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