Software to slow down music without changing pitch

Digital audio files are so much more flexible than the old format recordings of the past! In the era of tapes and vinyl discs, if you wanted to play with the speed of the music, you also got quite humorous results for the pitch. The greatest operatic soprano could give the deepest bass a run for his money. And speed it up, and Old Man River sung by The Chipmunks comes up.

Now, with digital audio files, that happens no more. You can find great software to slow down music without changing pitch. Most professional audio editor software can do this, but there are some dedicated programs out there that make it simple. This is a great option for someone who does not need fancy editing capabilities, equalization, reverb effects and all that. Who is it for?

  • Musicians who wish to practice with a particular recording
  • Choreographers and dancers who need the music slowed down
  • Singers and chorus members practicing harmonies
  • Singers who need a different key for the song
  • Performers with backing tracks who simply want a slower or faster tempo

This software to slow down music without changing pitch or key keeps it simple, and allows you to instantaneously change the tempo. It's just one button, not hidden in a menu somewhere. The program is called Song Surgeon, and it has three more features of use to performing musicians.

  1. It has a metronome and can add a four beat lead in
  2. It has chord detection so you can export the chords in the song
  3. It can transpose the audio at whatever tempo you like

I've run this program through its paces, and am impressed by the ease and quality of the sound when you play with the speed. You can also keep the speed and change the key, and then export the new file. There is a free, fully functional 4 hour trial version, which allows you to save whatever work you do. Click here to check it out.

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