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There are lots of high-end software that can change the tempo of the recording. If, however, your goal is to keep it simple without sacrificing quality, I recommend Song Surgeon, a focused tempo changer and key changer software program. It is extremely easy to use, and will take you approximately five minutes to learn.

The problem with many tempo changer programs lies in the audio quality. When using Song Surgeon, you can safely slower speed up the song by 25% without any loss of audio quality. Once you pass the 50% mark, you may begin to notice that the software has affected the sound. Since, in most cases, you won't be overly manipulating the song, there will be no problem. You can download the demo version to see for yourself! Click here.

Why Use a Tempo Changer?

The most common use is for practice. To develop speed in playing, it's important to start slow. Once your fingers can smoothly play at a relaxed tempo, you are ready to speed up the song. Changing the tempo without changing the key on a recording that you are practicing with will help improve your playing. Of course, the key must remain the same!

Sometimes, practicing at a slower tempo has tremendous benefits for interpretation. A singer, using recorded backing tracks, can experiment with singing a song at a much slower tempo. The change will let you discover new feelings and interpretations in the song. If you perform with the backing track, you can export the audio file at the new tempo. You can then use that in performance, because, unless you slowed the song beyond 50%, the audio quality will remain excellent.

How Does This Tempo Changer Program Work?

When you load an MP3 or other audio file into Song Surgeon, it automatically detects the beats per minute and the chords in the song. Unlike complicated digital audio editing software, the tempo changer controller is right there on the main screen. As you change the tempo, you will hear that the key remains the same.

You may wish to keep the tempo and change the key! Song Surgeon can do that too. You can also change the tempo and the key at the same time. Again, the rule with this program is moderation. Staying within 25% of the original tempo and key will give you an excellent audio rendition, with no noticeable distortion. It can be used for performance.

Other features include:

  • Chord detection and export
  • Metronome
  • Reduce vocal volume
  • 31 band equalizer
  • Add 4 beat intro

I was impressed with the simplicity and quality of this program. You can download a four hour unlimited demo, and then purchase the program should you wish. It will greatly increase your capabilities as a performing musician!



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